Healthcare Information Company Transitions From Cloud To Colovore

Customer Profile

Publicly-traded Big Data provider based in Silicon Valley


Provider of healthcare and genetic information, data analytics, and reporting services


This customer, one of the fastest-growing genetic information companies, sought colocation space after deciding to migrate its infrastructure off AWS. The strategic decision was a result of rapidly-increasing costs and inefficiencies supporting complex Big Data workloads. Furthermore, dense new servers were required to accommodate high data transaction processing and analytics requirements. The company quickly realized that traditional colocation power densities of 3-5 kW per rack would not be sufficient to house its initial deployment of servers, let alone scale to multiple racks.


Colovore’s Santa Clara facility is designed specifically to address the needs of powerful Big Data infrastructure. With liquid cooling and power densities of 35 kW per rack, wall-to-wall, Colovore was able to support the initial deployment easily while also providing valuable migration and deployment services as the customer transitioned off the public cloud.


  • Significant monthly operational cost savings versus AWS
  • Able to take advantage of Colovore’s strong I.T. skillset in-house to make colo migration painless
  • Transparent and predictable growth model at Colovore: 1 kW at a time
  • Plenty of power and cooling per rack to handle initial deployment as well as long-term growth


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