Global Tech Company Deploys Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Customer Profile

Publicly-traded, global Fortune 500 enterprise based in Asia


Provider of a wide range of consumer, commercial, and enterprise technologies


The customer, a large, global provider of technology for consumers and businesses, sought colocation space in Silicon Valley to support the rollout of a new hosted computing infrastructure platform. The company’s power-hungry hyperconverged infrastructure incorporated compute, storage, and networking in a 2U form factor. With this in mind, the company sought a flexible, high-power data center with a pricing model that would be cost-efficient to scale as the product gained traction.

However, most providers could only offer 5 kW per rack. Therefore, would only allow for the customer to populate 50% of the cabinet. In addition, none would allow the customer to pay for power as it grew (ie, 1 kW at a time). Instead, the company would be forced to purchase full power circuits at each incremental step of growth. These factors increased costs and decreased operating efficiency.


Colovore engineered its Santa Clara facility to specifically address the needs of modern, dense hyperconverged infrastructure. Utilizing modern liquid cooling, Colovore provides power densities of 35 kW per rack, wall-to-wall.

As a result, Colovore provided the customer with an initial deployment of a single rack and pay only for the power it drew, one kW at a time. Subsequently, the company expanded into multiple contiguous racks and has been able to scale its IT costs directly with its product and revenue growth, dramatically increasing operating and financial efficiency.


  • Increased IT operating efficiency driven by fewer racks required, and deployed in a contiguous footprint
  • Financial flexibility and savings achieved by only paying for power drawn, one kW at a time
  • Built-in, easy scalability from day 1 with up to 20 kW available in every rack
  • New product rollout risk reduced by tying IT deployment costs directly to product growth


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