Customer Story: Server Refresh And Major Data Center Consolidation


The customer interviewed for this story is the Director of Cloud Services for a publicly-traded company based in San Francisco. The company is a leading cloud platform provider serving the Global 2000 companies.

Why Choose Colocation?

We had about 100 racks in another datacenter, where we had multiple problems both on the facilities and operational side. We knew we were going to be doing a consolidation, but we also knew
we needed more density due to the new hardware we would deploy, and wanted a smaller footprint with more scalable power per rack. This was not possible using the existing Colo we had partnered with, which kicked off our search for a new facility.

We underwent a pretty lengthy evaluation. We hired a consultant to assist us, who had a great background in building data centers and who understood our needs. We used his knowledge to provide us with a thorough evaluation and the state of the Colo Market.

Why Colovore?

We were looking for high power density in a much smaller footprint that was reasonably priced. But we also needed strong IT support available on staff at the Colo. We narrowed it
down to a few options with a handful of Colos in Santa Clara, California, and another on the East Coast.

Since it was our preference to keep it as local as possible, we voided out the East Coast option. We evaluated all Colos against the same set of criteria. At the end of the day, Colovore provided power and density far beyond our requirements and were able to provide it at a reasonable price, with 24/7 operational support. This was great for us because it gave us what we wanted today and provided us with the ability to grow and scale at the rapid level we are comfortable with. They understood our stance and the types of commitments we wanted to make with leasing and accommodated our needs perfectly.

As a result, we received scalable power beyond our requirements with far fewer racks, significant cost savings, and uncomparable support.

Colovore helped us meet our aggressive deployment deadlines, and provided us an extremely flexible environment to grow into. Their ability to support higher densities allows us to accurately plan for both known, and unknown growth scenarios.

We evaluated many data center providers across the US, both wholesale and retail, and none could compete with Colovore’s power density, ease of scalability, and price.

– Director of Cloud Services


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