At Colovore, say goodbye to data center waste and hello to IT footprint optimization.

Our wall-to-wall power densities of 35 kW per cabinet, pay-by-the-kW pricing model, and awesome team of IT infrastructure professionals onsite enable you to:

Utilize your entire rack and fill it top-to-bottom with your servers

35 kW of power and robust liquid cooling in every cabinet across the entire data center floor means you pack all your racks full. No more wasted, unusable rack or cage space.

Deploy dense HPC/AI/Machine Learning infrastructure with no limitations

At 1 kW per RU, your HPC infrastructure needs a home specifically engineered to support its intense power and cooling requirements. You can’t race a Ferrari on a go-kart track!

Reduce your operating and capital expenses

Our pay-by-the-kW pricing model allows you to pay only for what you are consuming and deploying in fewer racks means you save on unnecessary top of rack switches, cabling, and cabinet expenses.

Achieve daily IT operations success

Our experienced onsite team of IT infrastructure and networking experts becomes part of your support team at no cost. We’ve got your back and help you succeed, worry-free, 24-7.

Scale easily within your footprint

35 kW means you have lots of power and cooling within your rack to grow into, as opposed to growing out by adding more racks and floorspace. Scaling is a breeze, not a hassle.

Future-proof your IT

Plenty of power and cooling to handle your near-term and long-term needs.

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kW per rack

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Optimize Your IT Footprint With Colovore. Don’t Get Stuck In A Legacy Colo. Get Started Today.

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