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1101 Space Park Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Phone: +1 408 330-9290


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1-408 -330-9290

Main Offices

1101 Space Park Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054

Phone: +1 408-330-9290


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Looking for high-density colocation?



Announcing Silicon Valley's
Most Advanced
Data Center:

SJC02 @ 3060 Raymond St.

Delivery Q3 2024

9MW | 50 kW per rack | 1.1 PUE

Introducing 3060 Raymond St.

Colovore's second 9MW data center in Santa Clara

  • Unrivaled standard power densities of 50 kW per cab and customizable up to 250 kW per cab
  • Robust liquid cooling via rear door heat exchangers or DLC (direct liquid cooling)
  • Silicon Valley-leading colocation PUE of 1.1
  • Private, highly-customized environments for commitments > 1 MW
  • Pay-per-kW consumed pricing model

Silicon Valley's High-Density
AI Data Center

MW of SVP Power
  • Optimized for AI, ML, GPU and Big Data Servers

    Plenty of robust and reliable power + liquid cooling per cab for your most compute-dense infrastructure.


  • Lowest TCO + Highest Operating Efficiency

    Packing your racks full top-to-bottom in the smallest footprint possible significantly reduces capex + opex while optimizing application performance.

  • Future-Proof

    With 50 kW per rack, you have plenty of power now + in the future to support your hungry servers in the same cabinet without needing more space.

  • Pristine Power and Reliability

    9MW, dual-fed by highly reliable and cost-efficient Silicon Valley Power. Zero downtime since inception. Generation station and substation next door.

We're the Leaders in High Performance Colocation

Other colos talk about liquid cooling and scalable colocation; we've been successfully delivering it for 10 years now, reliably and cost-efficiently.
There's a reason why we host the most advanced computing platforms in Silicon Valley and serve Fortune 500s to start ups. We know how to deliver a truly scalable, high-density colocation offering that will ensure your IT success, and we look forward to serving you at 3060 Raymond.



We're the Leaders in High Performance Colocation