Software Developer

The Position

This role is required to design and develop the next generations of our billing data system and customer portal. The solution will need to:

  1. Utilize modern technologies, architectures and best practices
  2. Scale both horizontally and vertically within and across facilities
  3. Have an efficient, resilient design in polling data from building equipment via OPCUA and/or interaction with multiple RDBMS databases
  4. Store the data in a protocol-agnostic way for future-proofing
  5. Comply with the SOC2 security standards


The primary responsibilities:

    • Collaborate with stakeholder groups supporting and using our billing systems to obtain information on possible project limitations, desired capabilities, performance requirements and interfaces.
    • Translate business requirements, user needs and technical requirements of our billing system into applications that:
    • Are visually appealing, easy to use, and engaging for both internal users and customers.
    • Provide useful, industry standard APIs to easily automate the consumption of billing data by other systems
    • Review, update and implement the design to meet these requirements.
    • Assist the software update process for the existing applications during the transition.
    • Implement a test-driven development process
    • Implement a CI/CD pipeline for software releases and development of test prototypes.
    • Deliver on time as discussed and clearly communicate any changes in deadlines as soon as possible.
    • Troubleshoot issues and implement bug fixes for both new and existing billing applications.
    • Apply the results from user research and usability testing to create new features and improve current features.
    • Develop and implement new features and functionality as required.
    • Remain actively informed of industry trends suitable to improving the billing system and apply them when necessary.

Skills, Experience and Qualifications

  • Ability to parse JavaScript based frameworks and python code to analyze and replace an existing web application
  • 3+ years of full stack coding experience
  • Ability to write ETL code in either Rust, .NET Core or Go. React with Typescript familiarity for front end development with Fastify for API endpoints.
  • Hands-on development capabilities with enterprise software projects
  • Solid foundation in software engineering process & best practices (unit testing, build automation, continuous integration)
  • ORM based RDBMS design implementation.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Spoken and written English proficiency
  • Experience in data structure and data modeling skills and algorithms


Compensation will be determined based on experience level and fit, and will consist of a base salary and bonus incentive program. We believe in rewarding outstanding performance with outstanding compensation.