Colovore and Liqid Deliver an Optimized IT Environment and Solution

We are pleased to showcase this case study with our partner Liqid, provider of composable HPC and AI infrastructure. For those interested in deploying flexible, adaptive GPU platforms and supercomputers, Colovore and Liqid have teamed up to provide an optimized IT environment and solution. Colocating Liqid’s composable infrastructure platform, which allows users to dynamically configure servers with specific […]

Customer Story: Data Center For Big Data Infrastructure

Background The customer interviewed for this story is Don Jackson, Principal Software Engineer at DriveScale. Based in Silicon Valley, DriveScale’s offering allows data center managers to deploy flexible, scale-out computing infrastructure using standard servers and commodity storage. Why Choose Colocation? Since we are involved in developing scale-out infrastructure for Hadoop environments, we needed a data center. […]

1 MegaWatt Of GPU Deployed In Contiguous Cabinets

Customer Profile Publicly-traded Fortune 500 enterprise based in Silicon Valley Industry High-performance computing products and platforms Challenges A large global technology provider planned a large-scale HPC computing cluster driven by powerful GPU servers. The company utilizes multiple colocation providers globally but understood that the power and cooling requirements for 1,800 servers housing more than 5,000 […]

Customer Story: Server Refresh And Major Data Center Consolidation

Background The customer interviewed for this story is the Director of Cloud Services for a publicly-traded company based in San Francisco. The company is a leading cloud platform provider serving the Global 2000 companies. Why Choose Colocation? We had about 100 racks in another datacenter, where we had multiple problems both on the facilities and operational […]

Healthcare Information Company Transitions From Cloud To Colovore

Customer Profile Publicly-traded Big Data provider based in Silicon Valley Industry Provider of healthcare and genetic information, data analytics, and reporting services Challenges This customer, one of the fastest-growing genetic information companies, sought colocation space after deciding to migrate its infrastructure off AWS. The strategic decision was a result of rapidly-increasing costs and inefficiencies supporting […]

Cybersecurity Company Migrates From On-Premise Data Center

Customer Profile Publicly-traded enterprise based in Silicon Valley Industry Provider of IT security infrastructure and services Challenges The customer, a global provider of internet security technology for businesses, sought data center space in Silicon Valley when it decided to move its on-premise IT infrastructure into a colocation facility. As the company deployed newer and more […]

Customer Story: High Performance Lab Environment

Background The customer interviewed for this story is Surya Turaga, Chief Operating Officer at Vexata. Vexata is the leader in accelerated data infrastructure building the industry’s fastest and most cost-effective enterprise storage system. The company is venture-backed and founded by experienced storage and server executives out of EMC, Brocade, and VMWare. Why Choose Colocation? We […]

Global Tech Company Deploys Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Customer Profile Publicly-traded, global Fortune 500 enterprise based in Asia Industry Provider of a wide range of consumer, commercial, and enterprise technologies Challenges The customer, a large, global provider of technology for consumers and businesses, sought colocation space in Silicon Valley to support the rollout of a new hosted computing infrastructure platform. The company’s power-hungry […]