Customer Story: High Performance Lab Environment


The customer interviewed for this story is Surya Turaga, Chief Operating Officer at Vexata. Vexata is the leader in accelerated data infrastructure building the industry’s fastest and most cost-effective enterprise storage system. The company is venture-backed and founded by experienced storage and server executives out of EMC, Brocade, and VMWare.

Why Choose Colocation?

We have some very dense equipment needs. First, we needed to use a colocation provider for equipment testing that was high-end with strong power and cooling capabilities, while being able to scale efficiently. Another requirement was to find a Colo that provides strong IT expertise and customer service within a close geographic range.

There are a lot of Colos in Silicon Valley, and some are capable of handling this and that, some are not. Colovore was referred to us. After paying them a visit, we found that we really liked who they are. Impressed with their amazing infrastructure, we felt comfortable and excited to take it a step further.

Why Colovore?

We knew we needed a solution, and we needed it fast as we were proceeding and growing quickly. With our specific requirements, we recognized that Colovore clearly had a vision. They built their
system from the ground-up. Thus, were able to provide us with high-density colocation with ample power and cooling. For us, scalability was vital and we can scale using far fewer racks at Colovore than other providers.

When we met them, they had a clear understanding of the needs of a start-up. There was a high level of comfort because of their strong IT expertise. That is something we valued in getting our first Colo set-up. They worked with us with extreme flexibility and support and have been willing to accommodate every unique requirement and concern we had.

We were able to scale our testing as needed, make changes whenever needed, and we never worried about the infrastructure being down or unavailable.

As a result, Colovore helped us in bringing our product to market and enabled our company to grow without having to grow our own infrastructure. It is a partnership in that sense.

Would you recommend Colovore to another start-up?

Yes – most definitely. Their power capabilities are unique, they have brought great qualitative value to us and are very easy to work with. We have been quite successful in getting our product and
company to where it is in a short timeframe, because of Colovore.

In more than one instance, Colovore has gone above and beyond. If they can make it happen – they will. They treat us like weʼre a part of their team. It doesnʼt feel like a transactional relationship. They are motivated to make us succeed. They truly want us to do well. Selling more racks is not what drives them.”

– Surya Turaga, Chief Operating Officer at Vexata


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