Cybersecurity Company Migrates From On-Premise Data Center

Customer Profile

Publicly-traded enterprise based in Silicon Valley


Provider of IT security infrastructure and services


The customer, a global provider of internet security technology for businesses, sought data center space in Silicon Valley when it decided to move its on-premise IT infrastructure into a colocation facility. As the company deployed newer and more powerful servers, its corporate data center was struggling to provide consistent power and cooling. Consequently, increasingly experienced outages, all the while requiring more and more floor space. In addition, with the company’s rapid growth, management found it very expensive to maintain and difficult to support the operations of its 500 kW — and growing — data center.


Colovore provided the customer with a flexible, scalable caged environment to accommodate its near-term and longer-term IT requirements. With a 50 rack footprint, the customer has initial access to 750 kW of power capacity but only pays for kW consumed. As a result, the company satisfies its current IT load while maintaining capacity to grow by 50% in the same space.


  • Significant improvement in IT operations by utilizing Colovore’s redundant, modern data center
  • Ability to scale critical load by 50% in the same footprint
  • Pay-by-the-kW pricing model delivers savings and certainty by directly matching IT colocation expense to growth
  • High power densities enable the successful rollout of advanced, Big Data IT products and infrastructure


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