Download Whitepaper – Is Your Datacenter AI Ready?

In our latest whitepaper we discuss the three “Must-Haves” for a successful deployment. Learn more about these critical factors by downloading the PDF today. Please provide your name and email address for this download.

Download Whitepaper – Deploying HPC Infrastructure In Your Data Center

The development, customer adoption, and deployment of HPC (high performance computing) infrastructure is a significant trend in IT. The use of parallel processing enables advanced applications and programs to be run reliably and efficiently, allowing engineers and scientists to solve complex computing and data-intensive problems. CPU, GPU, and FPGA servers are the ever-growing and more […]

Download Whitepaper – How much are you paying for your power?

Colocation pricing models can be confusing and difficult to decipher. They can often cause you to underestimate the true cost of the power in your colocation facility. Though traditional retail and wholesale colocation pricing models imply affordable contractual pricing for power, in practice customers often end up paying more than $350-400 per KW. This is […]

Download Whitepaper – Why 3-Phase Power in Colocation is Best

The operation of modern IT infrastructure at maximum computing capacity often requires significantly more electrical power and cooling per rack unit than previous generations. The reason for this is simple. The miniaturization and improved performance of server componentry has made converged, virtualized architectures more affordable and power-efficient. This has allowed disproportionately more computing power to […]

Download Whitepaper – Public vs Private Cloud

The assumption that the public cloud is inherently cheaper than the private cloud has been challenged in a white paper jointly published by high density colocation provider Colovore, OpenStack cloud management software firm Piston Cloud Computing Co., network virtualization vendor Plexxi and server vendor King Star Computing. The paper shows that for constant, non-bursty loads, […]

Download Whitepaper – Increase Power Density To Decrease Data Center TCO

Modern IT user demands are driving new developments in software applications. Efficient commodity and converged hardware is being widely deployed to support this systems development thrust. As a result, the total power consumption in data centers is increasing to levels that legacy, low-power density facilities cannot easily support. Consolidating applications using virtualization isn’t the only […]