3 colocation trends to consider in 2022

by John Moore The market forces propelling colocation in recent years remain in place for 2022, but industry executives expect an additional boost from a diversifying customer set and technologies such as AI. The COVID-19 pandemic encouraged businesses with on-premises data centers to adopt colocation amid the remote work shift. Customers with stringent security requirements or […]

Colovore Expands To Satisfy Growing Demand for AI Data Centers in Silicon Valley

Adding 2MW of Liquid-Cooled, Purpose-Built Colocation For AI, ML, and GPU Servers Santa Clara, California – February 14, 2022 – Artificial Intelligence data center provider Colovore continued its strong growth in 2021 and announced a 2 MW expansion of its Santa Clara facility to meet the growing and unique demands of AI and HPC infrastructure […]

Using Liquid-Cooled Servers? We’ve got you covered!

A recent surge in activity around AI adoption and a growing frustration with GPU and ML workloads in the public cloud have accelerated the movement towards hybrid IT architectures. Increasingly, customers are looking for the right data center to deploy purpose-built AI hardware that can outperform what is available on the public cloud, while mitigating […]

5 Key Benefits of Power Density in the Data Center

With the incredible advances in data processing capacities across computing and storage platforms, the term “power density” has come to the forefront and is a critical variable in ensuring IT success with your data center deployment. But what is power density? Power density is the amount of power and cooling that a single data center […]

Power and Cooling Requirements for Storage Servers

We’re all swimming in data these days, with the explosion of structured and unstructured data driven by the increased adoption of AI, IOT, and Big Data applications among others. There has been an equal explosion in underlying storage technologies, with flash, persistent memory, SSDs and the like driving incredible storage capacity and flexibility. A single […]

Colovore Adding 2MW Capacity in Santa Clara

Colovore is adding much-needed capacity to the severely supply-constrained Bay Area colocation market. Construction is underway for a 2MW expansion, which we expect to deliver in late Q2/ early Q3. Colovore continues to lead the way in Bay Area colocation, delivering highly-scalable power and cooling while significantly reducing TCO.   Our Ready-To-Go, 45U Cabinets Feature: […]

Bandwidth IG and Colovore Bring New Network Solutions to Northern California

We are pleased to announce that Bandwidth IG, a dark metro network fiber provider in Northern California, has deployed its infrastructure at Colovore and is now available for service. Bandwidth IG serves hyperscale, enterprise and data center customers in Silicon Valley with high-throughput, low-latency connectivity and is an ideal option for customers deploying dense, data-intensive HPC, […]

Designing for Density: AI Brings Denser Racks into Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Co-Founder Ben Coughlin was featured in a recent article on Data Center Frontier discussing how the growing adoption of AI and HPC applications poses major challenges in legacy data center and low-density environments, and how Colovore’s liquid cooling and power densities of 50 kW per cabinet are optimized for AI infrastructure deployments. Source: Data Center Frontier […]

Colovore Partners with Exxact to Deliver Fully-Managed DGX A100 Solution

Santa Clara, CA, September 2, 2020 – Colovore, Silicon Valley’s leader in high-performance colocation for high-performance computing, announced it has partnered with Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of HPC, AI and IT solutions, to offer a fully-managed NVIDIA DGX™ A-100 offering, a turnkey private AI infrastructure cloud. The DGX solution is delivered directly to Colovore, racked […]

Colovore Announces Expansion, 50 kW Cabinet Capacities, and Direct Liquid Cooling Options

Colovore Adds Much Needed 3.5MW High-Density Colocation Capacity to Silicon Valley Santa Clara, CA – August 18, 2020 – Colovore, the Bay Area’s leading provider of high-performance colocation for high-performance computing infrastructure, today announced that it has expanded again and now has 3.5 MW of high-density capacity currently available in supply-constrained Silicon Valley. Colovore continues […]