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Cerebras Systems — a global leader in AI hardware deploys their most powerful supercomputers at Colovore

CUSTOMER PROFILE Cerebras Systems is global AI Hardware leader based in Silicon Valley. They produce the world’s most powerful AI chip — Wafer-Scale Engine, and build some of the most powerful AI compute clusters in the world. INDUSTRY AI hardware/AI accelerators CHALLENGES Getting There First At the edge of the dawn of the AI era, […]

Big plans for the big chip company’s big supercomputer Both Cerebras and Colovore have aggressive plans to expand

Originally published in Data Center Dynamics 8/2/23 by Sebastian Moss   The first thing everyone mentions about Cerebras is its size. Throughout multiple interviews with DCD, the company’s CEO tried to draw our focus to other potential benefits of the chip architecture and how the startup plans to build a sustainable artificial intelligence business. And […]


originally published in The Next Platform May 10, 2023 Timothy Prickett Morgan If you want to get a sense of what companies are really doing with AI infrastructure, and the issues of processing and network capacity, power, and cooling that they are facing, what you need to do is talk to some co-location datacenter providers. And […]

Hotter Hardware: Rack Densities Test Data Center Cooling Strategies

Rack density changes may be the hottest thing in the data center. Literally. A closer look at the rise of computing power, and the cooling strategies that may provide solutions. by David Chernicoff  originally published in Data Center Frontier on May 8. 2023 It’s unlikely to come as a surprise to anyone that rack densities […]

As liquid cooling takes off in the datacenter, fortune favors the brave

Originally published in The Register on 12/29/22 by Tobias Mann Hype around liquid and immersion cooling has reached a fever pitch in recent months, and it appears that the colocation datacenter market is ready to get in on the action. Recently, Zachary Smith, Equinix’s global head of edge infrastructure services, told The Register that the outfit would like […]

Colovore looks to meet high-density demand in Silicon Valley – 451 Research/S&P Global Market Intelligence

S&P Global Intelligence Analysts Perkins Liu and Stefanie Williams took a deep dive on Colovore and produced an insightful report. Check out the report here. Some of the key takeaways include their summation of why Colovore is so relevant in today’s market, “With the continuous increase in server power consumption — especially the graphics processing […]

Silicon Valley chip startup Cerebras unveils AI supercomputer @ Colovore

originally published by Reuters By Jane Lanhee Lee [1/2] Startup Cerebras System’s new AI supercomputer Andromeda is seen at the Colovore data center in Santa Clara, California, U.S. October 2022. Rebecca Lewington/Cerebras Systems/Handout via REUTERS OAKLAND, Calif. Nov 14(Reuters) – Silicon Valley startup Cerebras Systems, known in the industry for its dinner plate-sized chip made for artificial […]

The all liquid-cooled colo facility rush has begun

originally published in The Register AI and HPC deployments means propping up 250kW densities per rack Tobias Mann Tue 8 Nov 2022 // 00:30 UTC With AI and HPC workloads becoming the norm, we can expect a broader push toward high-end power and cooling technologies inside colo facilities. Companies like Colovore point to next-generation liquid-cooled colocation datacenters like a new one […]

Colovore plans 9MW liquid-cooled data center in Santa Clara

originally published in Data Center Dynamics  Ellis Partners acquires industrial property, leasing to Colovore November 04, 2022 By Dan Swinhoe  US data center firm Colovore to develop a new data center in Santa Clara, California. The company this week announced plans for a second data center location in the city, located at 3060 Raymond St. […]

Colovore Building New Data Center for Extreme Density AI Workloads

originally published in Data Center Frontier on 11/3/2022 High-density hosting specialist Colovore is expanding in Santa Clara with a 9-megawatt data center supporting AI workloads with rack densities from 50 kW up to 250 kW. A row of high-density AI hardware within the Colovore data center in Santa Clara, California.High-density cooling specialist Colovore will double […]