Colovore looks to meet high-density demand in Silicon Valley – 451 Research/S&P Global Market Intelligence

S&P Global Intelligence Analysts Perkins Liu and Stefanie Williams took a deep dive on Colovore and produced an insightful report.

Check out the report here.

Some of the key takeaways include their summation of why Colovore is so relevant in today’s market, “With the continuous increase in server power consumption — especially the graphics processing unit servers for AI, machine learning, big data and other HPC applications — power density on the datacenter floor is becoming a top challenge for datacenter operators to address.”

They also cover Colovore’s recent announcement of our second Santa Clara data center at 3060 Raymond, “In November, Colovore launched its SJC02 datacenter at 3060 Raymond Ave in Santa Clara with a focus on providing high-density 50-kW racks as virtualization and blade server architectures proliferate and require more power and cooling per rack. While average rack density is rising to 8-12 kW, high-performance computing, AI and big-data applications are driving rack density higher, to well over 20 kW on average and reaching 50 kW or more. With more businesses incorporating AI and big data into their strategies, not only will single rack density continue to rise, but the scale of high-density rack demand will grow.”