Cerebras Systems — a global leader in AI hardware deploys their most powerful supercomputers at Colovore


Cerebras Systems is a global AI Hardware leader based in Silicon Valley. They produce the world’s most powerful AI chip — Wafer-Scale Engine, and build some of the most powerful AI compute clusters in the world.


AI hardware/AI accelerators


Getting There First

At the edge of the dawn of the AI era, a small team of technologist embarked on a bold mission: to create hardware for the demands of an unprecedented leap forward for humanity — AI. The team at Cerebras Systems looked to the future and designed their Wafer-Scale Engine (WSE) for AI workloads beyond the horizon of possibility.

Made for the Future Today

They accomplished their goal with the CS-1 system, powered by the WSE processor — a revolutionary AI appliance that arrived with power and cooling demands well beyond the capabilities of standard air-cooled data center design. The systems provided a long list of benefits, amongst which near-perfect linear scaling seemed most relevant in tackling problems like LLM training.

While the revolutionary systems promised to help solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems, they posed a challenge for legacy air-cooled data centers. The power demands and cooling needs of the CS-1 could only be met with a liquid-cooled data center as future-focused as the world’s most advanced AI hardware.


A Perfect Fit, Every Time

When Colovore launched in 2014, we built our data center with robust liquid cooling to all cabinets from the ground up. Our high power and cooling capacities allow customers to fill their cabinets top to bottom, and support contiguous rows in the smallest footprint possible of the world’s best and most demanding enterprise hardware for many generations of compute to come. Our solution optimizes application performance, reduces operating costs and capex, and ensures easy scalability.

When Cerebras launched the CS-1, the system took advantage of Colovore’s 35kW cabinet power densities and direct liquid cooling to great effect. The first-generation Cerebras systems were deployed contiguously with no modification or customization of our data center. Large, redundant power circuits and an advanced liquid cooling system provided a flawless operating environment.

Again and Again

When Cerebras decided to raise the bar again with their CS-2 system, Colovore was ready to support the new liquid-cooled WSE and increased densities.  Cerebras was easily able to deploy their next-gen AI accelerator in contiguous cabinets adjoining their fleet of CS-1s.

As Cerebras continued to secure leading global customers like GlaxoSmithKline, Mayo Clinic, TotalEnergies and G42, and develop larger models across industries, they announced a historic first in AI supercomputer called Andromeda — a 32 system cluster delivering more than 1 exaFLOP of AI compute.  Shortly thereafter, Cerebras introduced Condor Galaxy with its strategic partner G42 — a cluster comprised of 64 CS-2s, its second-generation system. While multiple exaFLOPs of AI super-compute would be unthinkable for most data centers, Colovore allowed Cerebras to scale their deployments with no modification to existing infrastructure and stood up Condor Galaxy in 45 days. From their first cabinet to multiple MW of direct liquid-cooled, production environments deployed at scale, Cerebras has been able to grow and succeed in its quest to change the world of AI on top of the infrastructure deployed at Colovore.

“Colovore has been an extraordinary partner throughout the lifespan of our company. The Colovore team supported the deployment of our first CS-1 system, all the way through to production, large-scale environments consuming multiple MW of power with Condor Galaxy 1, which is comprised of 64 CS-2s systems and built with our strategic partner G42. We value the great partnership and collaboration and Colovore’s unwavering support in helping Cerebras succeed,” – Andrew Feldman, CEO and co-founder of Cerebras.

Invent, Advance, and Deploy

As Cerebras evolved AI hardware they were able to invent, advance, and deploy without limitation thanks to Colovore’s advanced data center platform. Colovore was designed for data science devops and enterprise AI, and continues to design and build data centers that allow innovation to thrive, accelerate, and scale at the speed of business.


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