Using Liquid-Cooled Servers? We’ve got you covered!

A recent surge in activity around AI adoption and a growing frustration with GPU and ML workloads in the public cloud have accelerated the movement towards hybrid IT architectures. Increasingly, customers are looking for the right data center to deploy purpose-built AI hardware that can outperform what is available on the public cloud, while mitigating the rising costs associated with such public cloud deployments. The goal is to pack as much compute and storage in a single cabinet on as few servers as possible, while being able to utilize direct liquid cooling connections if possible– now or in the near-future.

From day one we designed our data center with liquid cooling to be able to deliver the most scalable, high-performance server footprint around. We can deliver 50 kW of power and cooling per cabinet and we can also support newer, even more powerful server platforms that require direct liquid cooling (DLC) connections. Every day we see more innovations, partnerships, and examples of customers adopting these DLC platforms. CoolIT partnering with Gigabyte to deliver liquid-cooled high-density servers for HPC and AI applications and HPE’s Apollo 2000 Gen 10 Plus system with direct liquid cooling are just two recent examples of these developments.

Because of our extensive and robust liquid distribution system underlying our data center, we can accommodate a wide range of servers and solutions requiring liquid cooling. We do not need to build any custom data halls or retrofit our data center or try to kludge together a liquid-cooled solution that only works in one small section of the data center. You simply rack these servers in our 45U cabinets and we can accommodate any number of standardized liquid connections based on the hardware you’ve chosen. We can do this for 1 cabinet or 100 cabinets… the bottom line is that we not only know how to do this, we’ve done it already with multiple live DLC customers. It doesn’t require some big customized, expensive, or lengthy deployment. And it scales.

Whether or not you are currently utilizing DLC platforms, the ability to move forward unconstrained by the physical limitations of data center infrastructure while taking advantage of more powerful hardware AND keeping budgets inline is a powerful combination. This is what we provide at Colovore. And if you are planning to deploy direct liquid cooled server platforms for even more powerful applications, we’ve got you covered there as well!