Structure Research Begins Coverage of Colovore

Structure Research, a Toronto based independent research and consulting firm with a specific focus on the hosting and cloud segments within the Internet infrastructure market has started to cover Colovore. The firm is devoted to understanding, tracking and projecting the future of hosting and cloud infrastructure service providers.

In a recent newsletter Structure Research had this to say about Colovore:
Colovore targets enterprises and companies looking to reduce their data centre footprint by deploying high power density racks between 10 – 20 kW per rack. Management revealed it recently signed a 50 cabinet customer expected to draw an average of 15 kW per rack or the equivalent of a 750 kW deployment. This would essentially fill up Colovore’s phase 1 data hall. That customer is a $5bn publicly traded company according to Colovore.

The report also analyzes the impact of high density saying:
Colovore’s data centre packs a punch with 9 MW of power across 18k sqft of colocation capacity. This allows for truly dense deployments, where many of its customers are experiencing notable cost savings by consolidating their footprint into a smaller amount of racks.

CTO Peter Harrison said “ Computer server power consumption continues to rise with higher transistor densities. Structure Research’s coverage of Colovore is yet another endorsement of our high density business model and the need for data center designs to be more in tune with IT trends.”

Read the full newsletter in PDF