Colovore’s High Density Colocation Reviewed in Techtarget

Colovore’s high density colocation solution has been reviewed in the article “Colo in the age of cloud” on TechTarget by Meredith Courtemanche.

Just as every enterprise has different skillsets and goals, every market has different needs. For Silicon Valley-based Colovore, managed services aren’t as high priority as power and cooling density. The provider offers water-based cooling with rear-door heat exchangers and other facility infrastructure to support 20 kW per rack, priced by actual power use.

Silicon Valley, one of the largest data markets in the U.S., has different density needs than financial, government or other traditional enterprise IT markets, said Ben Coughlin, one of Colovore’s founders. These companies are at the leading-edge of hardware and software deployments — pushing densities higher — in a region bursting with IT talent.

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Source: TechTarget