AI Server Power Consumption and Thermal Considerations

Peter Harrison was featured in a recent article on TechTarget covering tools and tips to track server power consumption. Big Data, HPC and AI servers have unique power and cooling requirements which have significant ramifications for data center environments and operational reliability. Source: TechTarget

TechTarget Reviews Colovore and ZeroStack Hybrid Cloud Partnership

The partnership between Colovore and ZeroStack was reviewed in “ZeroStack taps channel partners to host private cloud appliances” on TechTarget. John Moore discusses the partnership between Colovore and ZeroStack and trends toward “unclouding,” as more and more enterprises seek to migrate workloads off public clouds and into more cost-effective, compliant, and secure private cloud environments. […]

Colovore Expects Increased Hybrid Cloud Deployments in 2016

Colovore’s Ben Coughlin was featured in “IT goals for 2016 include DevOps, automation push” on TechTarget by Meredith Courtemanche. Migrating compute off AWS and public clouds and into a private cloud in a high-density colocation facility can deliver significant cost savings while improving performance reliability and application security. Download the full article in PDF Source: […]

Colovore’s High Density Colocation Reviewed in Techtarget

Colovore’s high density colocation solution has been reviewed in the article “Colo in the age of cloud” on TechTarget by Meredith Courtemanche. Just as every enterprise has different skillsets and goals, every market has different needs. For Silicon Valley-based Colovore, managed services aren’t as high priority as power and cooling density. The provider offers water-based […]