You Are Getting Nickle-And-Dimed On Your Colocation Bill
You are under pressure to reduce TCO, but your colo is gouging you

In a Legacy Colo

  • You pay for 100% of the power per circuit delivered, whether you use 1% or 100% of it
  • You pay unnecessary monthly cross-connect and rack-fees
  • A simple 5-minute remote hands inquiry gets billed for an entire hour
  • Deploying a high-density footprint requires expensive customization fees
  • Spreading out your servers means more cabling and switching costs plus monthly circuit, rack, and cross-connect fees

In Colovore

  • Pay as you go: 1 kW at a time, matching your costs directly with actual growth in power consumption
  • Our all-in-one pricing scheme includes everything: rack, power, circuit, in-cabinet PDUs, cooling, cross-connects, and smart hands (during business hours); no add-ons, hidden fees or “gotchas!”
  • Deploying more densely = savings in capital expense (fewer racks, top of rack switches and cabling)
  • Deploying more densely = savings in opex (power efficiencies and maintenance of smaller footprint)
  • Colovore = lowest TCO in Bay Area colocation