Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud: It’s Not Just About Cost

Colovore CTO and Co-founder, Peter Harrison, analyzes the often overlooked aspects of the public versus private cloud debate at Tech Radar in “Public cloud vs. private cloud: 8 factors (beyond cost) to consider.

As companies continue their pursuit of the cloud, they must face an existential IT question: should I own or lease my infrastructure? Put differently, as I move my IT capabilities to the cloud, should that cloud be private or public?

At its most basic, this is the classic build vs. buy decision. Those who want more control can build (i.e., private cloud), and those that want to optimize for cost can buy (i.e., public cloud). But, the IT industry as a whole has been going through some fundamental changes that make this decision less straightforward than it would seem. Fueled by technological advances and changes in infrastructure deployment models, the price gap between public and private cloud offerings is not as large as you probably think.

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Source: TechRadar