Download Whitepaper – Why 3-Phase Power in Colocation is Best

The operation of modern IT infrastructure at maximum computing capacity often requires significantly more electrical power and cooling per rack unit than previous generations. The reason for this is simple.

The miniaturization and improved performance of server componentry has made converged, virtualized architectures more affordable and power-efficient. This has allowed disproportionately more computing power to be installed per server cabinet and has caused an increase in the total possible electrical power consumption per rack unit.

IT executives need more cost efficient ways to power their data centers servers to take advantage of the improved capabilities of modern equipment. Traditional power distribution in data center racks using multiple, low-powered circuits is inefficient and suboptimal for many reasons. Executives looking to improve their operating efficiency should consider higher-amp, higher-voltage and multi-phased power distribution to optimize their IT deployments.

This white paper explains why.

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