Colovore’s High Density Colocation – A Coming Shift

Colovore was mentioned in “The Density Debate: Is Cooling Door Adoption a Sign of Coming Shift?” on Data Center Frontier.

According to Data Center Frontier, over the past decade, there have been numerous predictions of the imminent arrival of higher rack power densities. Yet extreme densities remain limited, primarily seen in high performance computing (HPC) and specialty processing such as bitcoin mining. The team from Colovore believes data centers will be denser, and the shift will accelerate over the next few years. The colocation specialist believes it is on the front edge of a broader move to denser server cabinets, driven in part by a generational change in IT teams.

“When we came to market last year, people weren’t buying the density yet,This year, everyone’s base requirement is 10kW at a minimum. It’s really flipped.” Sean Holzknecht, the co-founder and President of Colovore.

Data Center Frontier concludes that Colovore’s cooling doors allow several significant changes in data center design. They attach to the back of a cabinet, and use the server fans within the rack to provide airflow through the unit, pushing hot air through the door-based coil that cools the air and returns it to the room at close to the same temperature as the air entering the rack.

“The revenue per cabinet is so much more than the additional cost to build per cabinet,” said Peter Harrison, the CTO of Colovore and a co-founder along with Holzknecht and CFO Ben Coughlin. “I think we’ll start seeing more colo providers using this technology. We’re definitely early adopters. The acceptance will be accelerating.”

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Source: Data Center Frontier