Colovore Continues Its Momentum With Significant Customer Wins

Colovore, Silicon Valley’s leading provider of high-density colocation solutions, announced today it has begun expansion of its data center facilities in response to strong customer growth. The company recently signed a large multi-million dollar contract with a global, publicly-traded provider of I.T. security services, deploying significant data center infrastructure at Colovore with average power densities of 15 kW per rack.

“It’s great to see the immediate customer response to our high-density, service-focused business model in the Bay Area data center marketplace,” commented Sean Holzknecht, Colovore’s President. “Colovore offers supreme flexibility and IT scalability in a highly cost-effective manner, and we look forward to accelerating the build-out of our 9 MW capacity at 1101 Space Park Drive.”

In addition to the large customer noted above, Colovore has seen enterprises of all sizes adopting high power density as the building block of their IT infrastructure deployment and roadmap. Other recent customers deploying at Colovore include:

  1. A leading provider of genetic information, migrating off a public cloud provider due to a lack of flexibility, performance, and high cost;
  2. An emerging provider of big data/ analytics services to the healthcare, consumer, and financial services industries, seeking 17 kW racks given its dense IT processing requirements;
  3. A global provider of server infrastructure and hosting services, similarly requiring high power and cooling capacity for its hardware

“Colovore is quickly approaching 1 MW of delivered critical power within our first twelve months of operations,” stated Peter Harrison, CTO. “We have proven that the Bay Area market for high density colocation is underserved, and demand is strong. Power usage per cabinet is rising as a result of Moore’s law, with low density data centers stifling customer growth. We’ve listened to the marketplace, we understand what customers want and need to best manage their modern IT infrastructure, and we look forward to continued expansion. 20kW per rack will be the new normal. The datacenter paradigm has changed.”

About Colovore
Colovore, Silicon Valley’s leading provider of high-density colocation solutions, was founded in 2012 by an experienced group of data center and IT infrastructure executives. We have 60 combined years of experience running colocation facilities in the Bay Area and extensive IT skills—we know what it’s like for IT professionals to manage critical infrastructure, and are here to help and make you successful. Colovore is privately held and backed by an investor group who has collectively invested multiple billions of equity in private technology and communications services businesses.