The Advantages of Liquid Cooling

Colovore’s Ben Coughlin recently authored an article called “Let the Water Flow!” for Datacenter Dynamics. In it, Ben describes the advantages liquid-based data center cooling systems provide versus traditional air-based approaches, the benefits for colocation customers, and the increasing adoption of liquid cooling by large web enterprises. Download the full article in PDF Source: Data […]

Colovore Brings Liquid-Cooled Colo to Silicon Valley

Colovore was featured in “Colovore Brings Liquid-Cooled Colo to Silicon Valley” on Data Center Knowledge. The article covers how Colovore differentiates itself by supporting high and varying densities in Santa Clara’s busy market. Seeking to find the best combination of high density and efficiency, Colovore is offering water-cooled cabinets that can support power loads of […]