You Aren’t Colocation Experts And Need More Support
You can only find a security guard, but no actual I.T. operations staff, onsite at your colo

In a Legacy Colo

  • Typically most physical positions at a data center are outsourced (security and operations)
  • Staffing tends to be with junior, less-experienced professionals who are more real-estate than I.T.
  • Any time you call, you are charged remote/smart hands fees but these are for mostly trivial actions
  • There is no partnership created between your I.T. staff and the colocation facility

In Colovore

  • We are experienced I.T. and web infrastructure professionals, not real estate developers
  • We take great pride in partnering with your I.T. teams and helping out any way we can
  • DBAs, CCIE Network engineers, and Sys Admins are onsite daily at our facility and available to help at no charge during business hours
  • We ensure your I.T. operations success, 24-7