Scaling Your I.T. Infrastructure Is A Major Challenge
Your legacy data center has serious space, power, and cooling constraints

In a Legacy Colo

  • Your I.T. infrastructure is growing rapidly
  • But with only 3-5 kW per rack, you can’t pack your racks full with servers
  • There is limited floor space available, with power and cooling constraints
  • You’re stuck, with limited options and a lack of control over future growth

In Colovore

  • With 35 kW available in every cabinet, you have lots of built-in power available from day 1
  • Start with 10 kW, or 20 kW… plenty of expansion space within your cabinet remains!
  • Scaling is easy and stress-free, requiring little incremental floor or rack space
  • You can plan your I.T. future and roadmap with confidence