HPC / AI / GPU Server Deployments
Your HPC system draws 1 kW per server rack unit and you can’t deploy it

In a Legacy Colo

  • With a single GPU card drawing 300 watts by itself, your legacy colo can’t support an HPC deployment due to power and cooling constraints
  • You can only deploy 5 rack units of HPC infrastructure in 1 cabinet as a result—impossible to scale
  • And the more space/ distance required, the worse HPC applications perform

In Colovore

  • Our data center is specifically engineered to handle HPC / AI / GPU server power and heat loads
  • We utilize modern, robust liquid cooling that handles 35 kW in every cabinet
  • NVIDIA has certified us as DGX-Ready and we have ~ 1,000 DGX 1s and 2s running
  • Deploy and scale your HPC in contiguous cabinets and face no power, cooling, or distance limitations