We’ve Changed Colocation

Why? Because Modern Servers Need Modern Colo

As a team of deeply experienced I.T. and data center professionals, we’ve built the Bay Area’s most power-dense, efficient, IT-focused colocation solution. Our 9 MW facility features:

To all the heads of I.T., Technical Operations, Systems Administration, DevOps, Network, and Data Center Operations: don’t run powerful hardware in an old data center. Come check out Colovore and see how happy we are making our many customers. Our high-density facility will allow you to optimize your IT in the most compact, cost-effective and scalable footprint in the Bay Area.


For Customers

Not enough power to meet the demands of your modern servers? Tired of paying for half-full server cabinets? We’ve got the density you need.

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For Channel Partners

Can’t deploy converged infrastructure for your clients? Concerned about their current colo environment becoming obsolete? We will ensure your customers’ success.

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Our Colocation Facility

Brand new, energy-efficient, modern infrastructure delivering unmatched power density, cooling capabilities, and operating efficiency. We’re built to last.

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High Density Silicon Valley Colocation

Colovore is a high density colocation facility centrally located in Silicon Valley. Our modern, liquid-cooled datacenter design has over 9MW of power which allows us to support far greater power density than legacy data centers and is an ideal fit for virtualized, high performance computing environments. With 20kW per rack, wall to wall, you can shrink your IT footprint, scale vertically and easily, and reduce your TCO. It’s the best home in the Bay Area for modern IT infrastructure.

We are located on Space Park Drive in Santa Clara between the 280, 101 and 85 freeways. As a result, our colo facility is within easy driving distance of many south bay cities such as San Jose, Sunnyvale, Fremont and Mountain View. Contact us to learn more…