We Are Truly DGX Ready
With close to 1,000 DGX-1s and DGX-2s already running in our data center, we are your Silicon Valley home for Nvidia and HPC servers

Nvidia and Colovore have partnered to support DGX server deployments

We are proud that Nvidia has certified us as DGX Ready, one of only a handful of colocation providers nationally evaluated and recommended for DGX deployments.

With 35 kW per cabinet and a pay-by-the-kW pricing model, Colovore provides the most compact, scalable, and cost-efficient colocation footprint for HPC and AI servers. For deployment sizes from 1 cabinet to 3 MW.

Get Up And Running Now with DGX-Go!

Our DGX-Go deployment solution is painless and provides everything you need to have your DGX servers up and running in no time. For one low monthly price, you get:

35 kW power circuit

45RU cabinet

In-cabinet PDU

BGP-blended bandwidth

Smart hands

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