What’s the future of the data center?

Leadership perspective on the future of the data center from Ben Coughlin, founder of Colovore, a high density colocation provider in Silicon Valley. Read entire article at Silicon Angle… (PDF)

CBRE highlights Colovore's Silicon Valley high density datacenter

CBRE highlights Colovore’s new Silicon Valley Data Center in their recent National Data Center Market Update. In summary, demand was identified as being tight, with smaller-sized deals becoming more prominent. Colovore, a leader in high-density retail colocation, was mentioned as a high point. The CBRE analysis team recognized reduced capacity in the market, commenting that quality available stock is minimal … Read More

New Year, New Data Center: Colovore is up and running

Colovore’s new Data Center at 1101 Space Park Dr in Santa Clara is up, running and serving customers. Colovore can support high-density power loads up to 20 kW per cabinet, wall to wall: something that legacy facilities in the Silicon Valley market aren’t capable of. A Better High Density Colocation Solution Colovore’s focus on high-density offers customers the capability to … Read More

Colovore White Paper: Increase Power Density To Decrease Data Center TCO

Modern IT user demands are driving new developments in software applications. Efficient commodity and converged hardware is being widely deployed to support this systems development thrust. As a result, the total power consumption in data centers is increasing to levels that legacy, low-power density facilities cannot easily support. Consolidating applications using virtualization isn’t the only way to save IT OpEx. … Read More

Colovore's Building Achieves LEED Platinum Certification

(Press Release) Santa Clara, California (October 24, 2013) — Colovore, the leading provider of high-density colocation solutions in the Bay Area, announced today that its data center facility on 1101 Space Park Drive in Santa Clara, California has been awarded LEED® Platinum, the highest LEED level of certification. The LEED program is a voluntary third-party verification program developed by the … Read More

Raising Data Center Power Density

(Source: Data Center Journal) For companies resisting the temptation to outsource to the cloud, data center design and operation decisions can be extremely difficult in the face of mounting budget pressures, rising demand and limited resources, like floor space. Colocation providers face similar challenges in maximizing both the value they deliver to customers and their own returns on services. A … Read More

Data centers with style? Colovore adds creature comforts.

(Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal) Generally speaking, data centers are cavernous, cold and frankly unpleasant places. One startup in Santa Clara is working to turn the dungeon-like data center stereotype on its head. Colovore LLC, led by president Sean Holzknecht, is building a new data center in an old fabrication shop that looks more like a trendy coffee shop than … Read More

New provider Colovore believes demand is high for high density

(Source: 451 Research) We had been wondering what happened to Pelio & Associates’ powered shell at 1101 Space Park in Santa Clara. Originally the developer planned to put a datacenter in the space, featuring modular units. Instead, it has now leased the site to a new provider, Colovore, of which Les Pelio is an investor and board member. Colovore is … Read More

Colovore Enters Silicon Valley Market

(Source: Data Center Knowledge) There’s a new player on the Silicon Valley data center scene. Colocation startup Colovore is moving into Santa Clara, where it plans to deploy high-density data center space. Colovore is preparing to commence construction at 1101 Space Park, a 24,000 square foot property owned by veteran developers Pelio & Associates. The building is in the heart … Read More