Clouds, Cores and Colo: The EC2 Tipping Point

The cloud provides companies with access to storage on-demand, cost-saving opportunities and flexibility. When the ability to rent operating systems and associated hardware was first introduced, it sent shock waves through the vendor community, which feared the buying power of new cloud giants eroding their margins. They reacted by providing more generous leasing options for their equipment. Now, public cloud … Read More

Colovore Continues Its Momentum With Significant Customer Wins

Colovore, Silicon Valley’s leading provider of high-density colocation solutions, announced today it has begun expansion of its data center facilities in response to strong customer growth. The company recently signed a large multi-million dollar contract with a global, publicly-traded provider of I.T. security services, deploying significant data center infrastructure at Colovore with average power densities of 15 kW per rack. … Read More

Public cloud vs. private cloud: It’s not just about cost

Colovore CTO and co-founder, Peter Harrison analyzes the often overlooked aspects of the public versus private cloud debate at Tech Radar. Quoted: As companies continue their pursuit of the cloud, they must face an existential IT question: should I own or lease my infrastructure? Put differently, as I move my IT capabilities to the cloud, should that cloud be private … Read More

Structure Research Begins Coverage of Colovore

Structure Research, a Toronto based independent research and consulting firm with a specific focus on the hosting and cloud segments within the Internet infrastructure market has started to cover Colovore. The firm is devoted to understanding, tracking and projecting the future of hosting and cloud infrastructure service providers. In a recent newsletter Structure Research had this to say about Colovore: … Read More

Colovore White Paper: When Colocation Becomes Competitive With The Public Cloud

The assumption that the public cloud is inherently cheaper than the private cloud has been challenged in a white paper jointly published by high density colocation provider Colovore, OpenStack cloud management software firm Piston Cloud Computing Co., network virtualization vendor Plexxi and server vendor King Star Computing. The paper shows that for constant, non-bursty loads, Amazon EC2 can become cost … Read More

When are private clouds cheaper than the public cloud?

Colovore’s high density colocation facility is covered by NetworkWorld in a review of a white paper jointly published with OpenStack cloud management software firm Piston Cloud Computing, network virtualization vendor Plexxi and King Star Computing. NetworkWorld’s analysis has these key quotes: A report from the vendors – which include a collocation provider, a cloud management vendor and a network operator … Read More

Colovore Inc., Adds AT&T Internet Services to its portfolio.

Santa Clara, Calif.,October 2, 2014 – Colovore Inc., Silicon Valley’s leader in high density colocation services, today announced the addition of AT&T Internet Services to its portfolio. This adds to the current ISP stable that includes XO and CenturyLink. CTO Peter Harrison said “We are very proud of AT&T’s endorsement of the Colovore high density business model. The facility now … Read More

Colovore Launches Customer Portal

Santa Clara, Calif., August 26, 2014 – Colovore, Silicon Valley’s leader in high density colocation services, delivered a critical milestone to enhance the over-all customer experience, with the launch of its secure web-based portal. The customer web portal charts customer information for power and network usage.  Displaying in sharp web 2.0 graphics makes to easier for customers to understand their billing … Read More

Colovore Brings Liquid-Cooled Colo to Silicon Valley

(Source: Data Center Knowledge) In the midst of Silicon Valley’s busiest data center neighborhood, the air is fine. But the water is even better. That’s the approach being taken by Colovore, a colocation startup that is the newest arrival on the scene in Santa Clara, the data center capital of Silicon Valley. Seeking to find the best combination of high density and … Read More

Modern Servers Require High Density Colocation

Colovore is the San Francisco Bay Area’s leading provider of high-density colocation and data center solutions. With wall-to-wall 20 kW per rack densities, a brand-new, energy-efficient facility, and an experienced management team with years of colocation services experience and unrivalled I.T. capabilities, Colovore will future-proof your business and save you money. This video helps explains why. [embedyt][/embedyt]