Colovore White Paper – Deploying HPC Infrastructure In Your Data Center

The development, customer adoption, and deployment of HPC (high performance computing) infrastructure is a significant trend in IT. The use of parallel processing enables advanced applications and programs to be run reliably and efficiently, allowing engineers and scientists to solve complex computing and data-intensive problems. CPU, GPU, and FPGA servers are the ever-growing and more powerful workhorses being put to … Read More

AI, GPUs, and High-Density Cooling

Peter Harrison, CTO and Co-Founder of Colovore was featured recently in Data Center Frontier in a piece covering the rise of artificial intelligence, the growing adoption of GPUs in servers, and the resulting high density requirements of data centers to support these workloads . Read the full article here. (PDF)

Power Density and Footprint Efficiency

Colovore was featured recently in Data Center Frontier in a piece covering the increase in power density and cooling requirements in data centers driven by more powerful servers and a need to optimize IT deployment footprints. Read the full article here. (PDF)

Colovore, Deep Learning, and High Density

Colovore was featured recently in Data Center Knowledge in a piece covering GPUs, deep learning and artificial intelligence hardware, and the high power demands per cabinet that HPC places on data centers. Read the full article here. (PDF)

Colovore Announces 2MW Phase 2 Colocation Expansion

Unrivalled power densities drive highest footprint efficiency and lowest TCO in Bay Area colocation Santa Clara, CA – March 13, 2017 – Colovore, the Bay Area’s leading provider of high-performance colocation services, today announced that its 2 MW Phase 1 development is sold out and it is adding 2 MW of capacity to its Santa Clara data center. Since launching in … Read More

The Advantages of Liquid Cooling

Santa Clara, CA – November 28, 2016 – Colovore’s Ben Coughlin recently authored an article called “Let the Water Flow!” for Datacenter Dynamics. In it, Ben describes the advantages liquid-based data center cooling systems provide versus traditional air-based approaches, the benefits for colocation customers, and the increasing adoption of liquid cooling by large web enterprises. Read the article online. (PDF)

Colovore Featured in Data Center Frontier

Colovore was covered in October 2016 by the Data Center Frontier blog in its Silicon Valley Data Center Market Report. (PDF) Colovore, which targets high-density customers with colo cabinets featuring water-chilled rear doors, has seen demand from Valley companies whose in-house data centers could not support cloud deployments using converged hardware.

Colovore Announces Significant Growth and Profitability

Santa Clara, CA – September 7, 2016 – Colovore, the Bay Area’s leading provider of high-density colocation services, today announced that it has experienced significant growth in 2016 and has achieved a major financial milestone by turning profitable. Since launching in 2014, Colovore has experienced rapid growth based upon strong customer demand for its 20 kW racks and pay-as-you-go pricing … Read More

TechTarget Reviews Colovore and ZeroStack Hybrid Cloud Partnership

Santa Clara, CA: John Moore from TechTarget discusses the partnership between Colovore and ZeroStack and trends toward “unclouding,” as more and more enterprises seek to migrate workloads off public clouds and into more cost-effective, compliant, and secure private cloud environments. ZeroStack’s pre-deployed hybrid cloud infrastructure in Colovore’s state-of-the-art Santa Clara colocation facility makes this process turnkey and seamless, as customers … Read More