Clouds, Cores and Colo: The EC2 Tipping Point

The cloud provides companies with access to storage on-demand, cost-saving opportunities and flexibility. When the ability to rent operating systems and associated hardware was first introduced, it sent shock waves through the vendor community, which feared the buying power of new cloud giants eroding their margins. They reacted by providing more generous leasing options for their equipment. Now, public cloud providers excel at creating standardized virtualized instances. But, in some cases, this isn’t always ideal for the consumer who needs a variety of custom options.

Colovore CTO, Peter Harrison explores this more in his article on SDx Central:
“In summary, well-planned OpenStack deployments in outsourced or in-house data centers can provide great relief without the public cloud compromise of higher variable cost, lower fixed cost and lower average performance per dollar. The tools are available to create a financial model to evaluate the two strategies. The main challenge for IT teams is to determine when, and not if, OpenStack becomes the preferred solution.”

Read more of the article at SDx Central – Clouds, Cores and Colo: The EC2 Tipping Point (PDF)